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Comprehensive curating project: 2400+ historical recordings covered.

About Us

We are the project for cultural promotion by passionate individuals whose hearts are filled with great love for classical piano music.

It must be not only for us but also for you that it would be very attractive if we were able to touch with Liszt’s own playing, along with Chopin’s and Thalberg’s.

But, it is for sure that we could feel the lost playing manners through the earliest recordings which began from 1889, when Brahms recorded his Hungarian Dance played by himself. During that era, the Golden Age for virtuoso pianists arrived in which many unique pianists, especially Liszt’s pupils such as Artur Friedheim and Frederic Lamond, were active on stages.

The only problem for us was that there had not been the comprehensive curation site to guide the golden age and its invaluable recordings. And that is why we are working on this project. You can see whole project perspective through Virtuoso Lineage Map.

Please enjoy freely with our curation contents. And lastly we would be very delightful to be given some advices or information which help us make this curation project more valuable.

Operating Organization


REMINISCENCE (Specified NPO* for Cultural Promotion) * in accordance with the NPO Law in Japan


February-19th, 2021


Kobe-city, Hyogo, JAPAN


Yuki Yazumi


10 * as of February-19th , 2021


  • Building Linked-Open-Data (LOD) web archive
  • Operating many kinds of cultural promotions

Operating Members

Yuki Yazumi

living in Kobe (JAPAN), speaking Japanese and English

Nobuyuki Takahashi

living in Tokyo (JAPAN), speaking Japanese and English

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